Phoebe Nahanni Memorial Award


This prestigious award was established to honour a young Dene woman. Phoebe was born in a bush camp outside Jean Marie River in 1947. Phoebe was raised in a traditional Dene lifestyle with a strong relationship and connection to her family, land, Dene Zhatie and culture. She advocated self-determination for all First Nations people. She was also a tireless advocate to promote Crown and First Nations relationship. Phoebe was involved in the establishment of the Indian Brotherhood and was an original signatory to the Dehcho Declaration (1993).

Phoebe was the first Dene Woman from the Dehcho to acquire a Master’s Degree at McGill University in geography and also earned her Bachelor of Arts (University of Waterloo) all the while raising a family and addressing Native rights and issues in Canada.

“Every spring I watch the formation of geese honking as they gracefully fly northward – and I long to follow them. You see, I am one of the Aboriginal Dene people. Now I live in Montreal, but my roots are in the North where I was born in a bush camp many years ago. And, like the geese, I am compelled to go back every year to my homeland.” (Phoebe Nahanni: New Internationalist Issue 226-December 1991)

$12,000 will be awarded annually, to be paid over a three or four year period (recipients choice) to a Dehcho Dene descendant who pursues a Master Degree or Doctorate Degree in Natural Sciences, Law and/or Political Science.


$12,000 Multi-Year

Application Deadline Information

June 30th annually.

Failure to submit a complete application package will result in a delay of the application process.

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