Mitch Landry (Corbeau) Memorial Award


This award was established to honour Mitch Landry (Corbeau), a well-respected Elder of the Dehcho. Mitch was born in Fort Providence in 1930 and was raised traditionally in the Dehcho Territory. Mitch attended the Indian Residential School where he learned to speak French and English. Mitch served on various councils, boards and committees. In his political career, Mitch was very passionate about the land and the future of our youth. Mitch opened many meetings and gatherings with strong prayers. He held the highest regard for the land and respect for the Dene.

$3,000 each will be awarded annually to two Dehcho Dene post-secondary students pursuing studies in Environment & Resource Management, Humanities/Social Sciences, Aboriginal Languages and/or Linguistics.


3,000 x 2

Application Deadline Information

June 30th annually.

Failure to submit a complete application package will result in a delay of the application process.

Application Instructions

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