Goal 1

Public government for the Dehcho region based on Dene principles and traditions-this government must also protect and promote Treaty and Aboriginal rights.

Short Term Objectives:
  • Continue to negotiate the Dehcho Process based on the Framework and Interim Measures Agreement
  • Prepare for Phase II Negotiations
  • DFN staff, the Executive Committee, the Elders Council and the Leadership review this Interim Report on the Strategic Planning Workshop
  • Conduct an organizational and operational review of the Dehcho First Nations-make preliminary recommendations to the January Leadership meeting regarding the role of staff, the Executive Committee and Elders Council
  • Form a working group to begin the process of reviewing and developing regional and community government structures
  • Identify and access more resources to address regional and community governance issues, including resources presently held by territorial organizations
  • Develop and begin to implement a communications strategy for the Dehcho region
Long Term Objectives:
  • Promote awareness about and seek public support for the Dehcho Process
  • Review models of public and Aboriginal governments to determine models for the Dehcho
  • Develop, in consultation with all communities, a governance structure for the Dehcho region that balances community and regional government while respecting Treaty and Aboriginal rights

Goal 2

Protection of the Dehcho land base so that the land remains healthy and capable of supporting traditional land use activities.

Short Term Objectives:
  • Continue to negotiate the Interim Measures Agreement based on the current conditions regarding impact/benefit agreements, land protection, revenue sharing, Commissioner’s Land, and tourism licensing-get approval from Leadership for any changes to these conditions
  • Make a public statement regarding opposition to new developments unless Interim Measures Agreement are met
  • Identify and implement methods of resolving conflicts and disputes over traditional land use and land management issues, such as the Cameron Hills situation
  • Appoint a Dehcho Representative to the Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board
    • Finalize the IRMP land use mapping by summer 2001
    • Support Fort Liard in its negotiations with the B.C. Treaty Commission
Long Term Objectives:
  • Hire and train technical people to deal with ongoing land and resource management issues
  • Use Dene name for all rivers, lakes, and other important geographic features within the Dehcho
  • Encourage and support programs and activities that encourage youth to learn the Dene language and traditions from their families and elders

Goal 3

Sustainable economic development that balances regional and community interests

Short Term Objectives:
  • Review the Dehcho Means Business conference results
  • Establish an Economic Development Working Group to assess, promote, and support regional and community development-clarify the potential relationship between regional and community corporations
  • Provide training to communities regarding joint venturing, impact/benefit agreements, resource royalties, financial management, preparing economic development plans, establishing businesses, marketing, etc.