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We the  Tthets’ek’ehdeli Got’ie , are proud of our Dene traditions, language, and beliefs. We value and respect the land, water, and animals that have sustained us for many generations. We shall continue to use and respect our natural resources. Building on the knowledge and skills of our people, we shall work together to create a healthy, sustainable future for ourselves and our children. We shall strive to find a balance between the traditional and modern ways of life. (Vision Statement, 2013)

Jean Marie River’s traditional name, “Tthets’ek’ehdeli”, means “water flowing over clay”. The Tthek’éhdél Dene of what is today Jean Marie River First Nation were primarily nomadic people who hunted moose and caribou, trapped for beaver and fished the rivers and lakes of the Great Slave Plain. Prehistoric flint artifacts have been found at the village site. You can learn more about our people, read about the history of the settlement, and discover our language and heritage as you continue to explore our site.