Land Acquisition Fund


This Fund is meant to have the longest outlook of all the Dehcho First Nations Funds. Every twenty-five years this Fund disburses 25% of the capital appreciation over the previous twenty-five years.  These proceeds are to be used for the purchase of real estate (raw land, developing urban reserves, and distant real estate investments). The Leadership at the time of the disbursement will make that choice based upon their view at that time.  The Leadership may delay removing the proceeds for up to three years if it determines the economic environment is not suitable at the twenty-five year anniversaries.

The Land Acquisition Fund has the longest outlook of all the Master Trust Funds.  Every twenty-five years this Fund will pay out 25% of the increase of the value of the Fund directly to the Leadership of Dehcho First Nation at that time. The first transfer will be on May 31, 2031.

On December 31, 2031, the Trustee shall create the Land Acquisition Fund, which will be available for investments in land as long-term investments for the Dehcho First Nations, which will be funded from:

  • 25% of the increase in the value of the Fund allocated every twenty-five years.