Economic Development Fund


To foster economic development for community-owned enterprises and ventures, with profit as its primary goal to provide employment, training and business experience for Members, develop permanent facilities for the benefit of the community, and create income for the Dehcho First Nations on a medium to long-term basis.  Without restricting the generality of the foregoing; the following are examples of Economic Development Investments:

  • Utility companies;
  • Transportation facilities such as airports;
  • Airlines;
  • Tourism facilities;
  • Toll roads;
  • Toll bridges;
  • Commercial Real Estate

The Trustee will create an Economic Development Account within the Economic Development Fund, which  will be available for investment in Economic Development Investments, which will be funded from annual allocations to:

  1. The annual Net Income from the Economic Development Fund; and
  2. The net annual capital gains that are instructed to be transferred to the Economic Development Account by the Investment Management Board.

Commencing in 2007, by April 30th in each year, the Economic Development Account, as valued at December 31st in the prior year, shall be eligible to be used by the Trustee for Economic Development Investments, approved by the Investment Management Board in accordance with a policy to be developed, similar to Schedule 1, to the extent that the Economic Development Account has not used in prior years.

Please see Schedule 2 – Economic Development Investment Policy