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Directs DFN to seek funding to continue health pilot programs in communities and continue developing a regional health board.

Directs the De Cho First Nations to consider accepting the Fort Liard Metis Local 67 by the time of...

Directs the administration to guide the Finance Comptroller towards economic issues in response to the Dehcho Means Business Economic...

Directs DIAND, territorial officials, and industry developers to meet with the Grand Chief and Leadership Assembly before approaching communities.

Directs the DCFN Working Group on Sustainable Self-Reliance by issuing 5 directives for guiding sustainable economic growth.

Increases committee from 4 to 7 members and passes this decision to be ratified at the Annual Assembly.

Tabled: Supports the Chi K’oe and Pehdzeh Ki First Nations in setting up a Tribal Park and proposes Park...

Directs a meeting with the Minister of Economic Development and Tourism to transfer control of operations to the DFN.

Requests the Minister of INAC appoints DFN as a federal co-chair to represent FN’s in Dehcho and requests funding...

Requests the Minister of Economic Development and Tourism transfers the Economic Development Agreement to the DFN.

Supports request for renewed San Andreas consultations with Nahanni Butte, Fort Simpson, and Fort Liard during CEO switchover.

Supports the Liidli Koe and Pehdzeh Ki First Nations in setting up a Tribal Park and proposes Park boundaries.

Encourages the leaders from each organization to bring an additional delegate to regular meetings.

Approves West Point and 2 affected communities seek resources to begin a land use plan. Fort Liard.

Directs the GC and lawyers to draft a new exploratory report on the Constitution and Kirk Cameron and John...

Directs the territorial administration to develop a Dehcho health delivery structure and transfer resources for this task to DFN...

Organizes moratorium on large game sports hunting within specific zones until conditions have been met.

Directs legal council to draft a letter addressing concerns regarding the Mackenzie Valley surface rights act legislation.

Directs the Executive Committee to find funding for a regional aboriginal chamber of commerce.