Dene Zhatie Sharing Gathering

Schedule 3: Community Development Investment Policy

Annual Assembly 06/26-29, Resolution #1: Dehcho Health & Social Services Board

AiP Negotiations Rolling Draft

Ka’a’gee Tu “A Return to Country Food” Meeting and Workshop Report

Public Health Advisory: Mercury in Ekali Lake

Public Health Advisory: Mercury in McGill Lake, Deep Lake, And Fish Lake

19th Annual Assembly Agenda

19th Annual Assembly Draft Minutes

Spring Leadership Meeting Draft Agenda

Spring Leadership Meeting 05/12-13

17th Dehcho Annual Assembly Agenda

Chief Negotiator’s Report 03/10

Chief Negotiator’s Report 11/4-6

Leadership Meeting 05/29, Resolution #9

Leadership Meeting 10/8, Resolution #15: Health & Compassionate Services

Leadership Meeting 05/26-30, Resolutions, 1997, 05, 26-30, #1: Dehcho Health & Wellbeing

Leadership Meeting 05/26-30, Resolution #26: Review of NWT Student Funding

Leadership Meeting 10/18-19, Resolution #1: Dehcho Health Working Group

Leadership Meeting 10/18-19, Resolution #2: Territorial Health and Social Services in the Dehcho

Leadership Meeting 02/27-29, Resolution #2: Health Pilot Project

Leadership Meeting 11/22-25, Resolution #9

Leadership Meeting 11/22-25, Resolution #8

Leadership Meeting 01/11-14, Resolution #2