Annual Assembly 06/22-24, Resolution 01: Investment Management Board Member

Annual Assembly 06/24-27, Resolution #04: Investment Management Board

Leadership Meeting 08/9-10, Resolution #09: Trust Appointment

Leadership Meeting 08/9-10, Resolution #08: Dehcho First Nations Investment Management Board Appointees

Leadership Meeting 10/9-12, Resolution #06: Appointment to Dehcho Trust Investment Management Board

Annual Assembly 06/23-27, Resolution #04: Investment Management Board Member

Leadership Meeting 03/22, Conference Call

Spring Leadership Meeting Draft Agenda

Dehcho 18th Annual Assembly Draft Agenda

Spring Leadership Meeting 05/12-13

17th Dehcho Annual Assembly Agenda

Winter Leadership Meeting Draft Agenda

Dehcho First Nations Annual Assembly Draft Agenda

Structure and Functions of a Dehcho Renewable Resources Board

Leadership Special Assembly 01/28-30 Resolutions: #1, #2, #3, #4

Annual Assembly Draft Agenda

Chief Negotiator’s Report 04/29-31

Chief Negotiator’s Report 11/4-6

Leadership Meeting 10/5-7, Resolution #4: Denendeh Elder’s Council Member for the Dehcho.

Leadership Meeting 10/5-7, Resolution #5: Dene Cultural Institute Board Member for the Dehcho

Chief Negotiator’s Report 09/17-18

Leadership Meeting 04/30, Resolution #2: MACA School and Governance Committee

Leadership Meeting 04/29, Resolution #3: Selection Committee Fort Negotiations Team

Leadership Meeting 05/29, Resolution #001: