Dehcho Land Use Plan

The Land Use Planning Committee was established in 2001 as set out in the Dehcho First Nations Interim Measures Agreement. As per the agreement, the Committee is composed of five members – one representative each from the Government of Canada and the Government of the Northwest Territories, two representatives from the Dehcho First Nations, and the chair of the Committee who will be chosen by the other four Committee members.

The current DCLUP Committee members are as follows:

Joachim Bonnetrouge, Chair

Allen Bouvier, DFN Representative

Herb Norwegian, DFN Representative

Shannon Cummings, GNWT Representative

Anne Marie Doyle, Government of Canada Representative


To read more information about the Dehcho Land Use Plan go here.

or Contact:

Sophie Bonnetrouge, Office Manager

Dehcho Land Use Planning Office


Phone: 867-699-3162