NNPR Expansion

The Dehcho First Nations are extremely pleased that the bill to expand Nahanni National Park Reserve passed unanimously in the House of Commons yesterday. In 2003, the Dehcho First Nations and Parks Canada entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to expand Nahanni National Park Reserve.

The Dehcho First Nations, through the Nahanni Expansion Working Group and the Naha Dehe Consensus Team, have worked collaboratively with Parks Canada to expand Nahanni National Park Reserve. The Dehcho First Nations have a strong co-operative management agreement with Parks Canada to manage Nahanni National Park Reserve through the Naha Dehe Consensus Team, which will now co-manage the expanded Park Reserve.

The passing of the bill is a significant step forward in achieving our long-term goal to protect the South Nahanni Watershed, an area of great importance to the Dehcho First Nations. Jonas Antoine, a Dehcho representative on the Nahanni Expansion Working Group comments on this important accomplishment, “this work represents a remarkable achievement for the Dehcho First Nations who have a long-held position to protect the South Nahanni Watershed. As we celebrate the expansion of Nahanni National Park Reserve, we must always remember the words of our Elders, ‘take care of the land and the land will take care of us.’”

For further information, please contact:

Jonas Antoine, Dehcho representative

Nahanni Expansion Working Group

Naha Dehe Consensus Team

Dehcho First Nations