Leadership Agrees to Defer Grand Chief Election Decision

The Leadership of the Dehcho First Nations agreed on June 4th to defer the election process for the Grand Chief Position pending a decision from the Annual Assembly at Ka’a’gee Tu, June 23 – 27, 2008.

The Grand Chief term is a four year term and this upcoming Assembly would not have normally been an election year.

The Election issue arose following the January Special Assembly at which time the decision was made to remove the current Grand Chief from the position for cause.

An interim Grand Chief was then appointed by the Leadership as directed from this Special Assembly and will continue until the Assembly has concluded decisions on this process.

At the Spring Leadership meeting in Acho Dene Kue (Ft Liard) in May, an Election Committee was appointed to develop the criteria for the Election Process.

During this period there has been several options expressed, one of which is the notion of a general election. As this has implications on the constitution the Election Committee has recommended to the Leadership that this item is the matter of the Deh Cho Assembly.

Therefore the Leadership has instructed that the Election Process be deferred pending a decision of the Annual Assembly at K’a’agee Tu.

For further information please contact the DFN Office.