DFN Announces Candidates for Election of Grand Chief

Two individuals have been confirmed as candidates for the election of the Grand Chief of the Dehcho First Nations by the DFN Leadership. Former Grand Chief Herb Norwegian and outgoing Grand Chief Samuel Gargan have received the green light to run.

The Elections Committee met Monday to scrutinize all the nominations that were submitted. When nominations closed on Friday June 15th, three people had submitted their names.

When the Committee reviewed the papers, they rejected one candidate because their papers were incomplete. Their decision was confirmed by Dehcho First Nations leadership this afternoon.

Chair of the Committee, Chief Stanley Sanguez says that it was very unfortunate but they had no choice. “ The nomination requirements are that a potential candidate must provide all the required documentation by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, June 15th. We came to the unanimous conclusion that providing leeway for one nominee to complete his nomination papers after the deadline was unfair and would set a precedent that undermines the election process.”

The election for the Grand Chief will be held at the Annual Dehcho Assembly in Ft Simpson on June 26th. The Grand Chief will be elected by designated voting delegates who represent their communities at the Assembly. The Grand Chief, once elected, has a 3 year term in office.

For Further Information Contact Chief Stanley Sanguez @ (867) 809-2000.

Jean Marie River First Nation