DC Economic Forum Complete Success

The Dehcho Economic Forum was a complete success.

For immediate release – March 18, 2009, Fort Simpson NT. In partnership; Dehcho Economic Corporation (DEC) and Dehcho First Nations (DFN); hosted an Economic Forum in Fort Simpson, NT held on March 16 – 17, 2009. The Keynote Speaker, Dr. Manley Begay a Director from the Native Nations Institute and Senior Lecturer and Associate Social Scientist of American Indian Studies from Arizona, emphasized that separating politics from business is essential to achieve economic success. Presentations were provided by various committees in the Dehcho to inform economic development officers, band managers and Leadership about progress.

DFN Grand Chief Gerald Antoine commented that “This forum was much needed and was a huge success. The forum provided an opportunity to review current processes and reset our common vision by redesigning a work-plan that focuses our energy to help in making this vision a reality. The recommendations will be presented to the Leadership this spring at the end of April.”

DEC Chairperson, Cynthia Cardinal James remarked, “The intention was to bring the Leaders, and Economic and Business Developers together. The message was loud and clear; there is a great need to separate business from politics for the benefit of all Dehcho members. DEC and DFN will be working in tandem to ensure a prosperous future for all members today and tomorrow.”

This opens a new chapter in economic and business development in the Dehcho.

Contact: Cynthia Cardinal James


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