Memorial Awards & Scholarships June 2015

Dehcho First Nation Memorial Awards & Scholarships were established in 1995 by the Dehcho First Nation Leadership. It was the vision then, and continues today, that Dehcho Dene descendants confidently pursue post-secondary education. The Dehcho First Nation’s goal is for our Dehcho descendants to take advantage of post-secondary education and achieve equitable representation in post-secondary institutions.

These Memorial Awards and Scholarships provides support for advancement of Dehcho Dene. The goals for Dehcho descendants are self-reliance, self-determination and well-being. This goal is achieved by supporting the education and training of our Dehcho descendants in post-secondary education. It is the hope these individuals will come home to the Dehcho to help build capacity and lead our First Nation into a healthy future.

Dehcho First Nation Leadership believes education should enable our members to confidently live and work in both Dene and western worlds, blending the traditional values of our people with the modern realities of the present. Thus, the memorial awards were established to honour and remember respected Dehcho community members and Elders. Their legacy will live on through these annual memorial awards to remind us of their hard work, commitment, vision and teachings for the advancement of Dehcho Dene, culture and way of life.

Scholarship deadline: July 31st annually FIRM DEADLINE

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