2020 Yundaa Gogha Canoe Program

Yundaa Gogha 2020 Information

Dates: June 5-25th, 2020

The Yundaa Gogha canoe semester is jointly offered by Dehcho First Nations and Dechinta. Participants will receive post-secondary education credits in the course “Our Land,
our Life” offered by the University of Alberta.

This course is taught through being on the land and enhances participant leadership skills through the following focus areas:
1. Dene Zhati Language & Culture
2. Land based skills
3. Decolonization
4. Dehcho History, and current reality
5. Indigenous Land Stewardship
6. Health and Wellness

Fill out the application provided by Dehcho First Nations or Dechinta (www.dechinta.ca)
and submit by March 16, 2020. Participants must be aged 18+.

Mahsi cho.

Yundaa Gogha 2020 Application