2008 Annual DFN Assembly to be held at Kakisa Lake June 22-29

Fort Simpson, NT – May 5 — The 2008 annual Assembly of the Dehcho First Nations will be held at Kakisa Lake in the Ka’a’gee First Nation from June 22 to 29. Chief Lloyd Chicot of Kakisa Lake and interim Grand Chief Gerald Antoine of the DFN made the announcement jointly today.

It will be the 16th annual Assembly since the DFN was formed. Traditionally, annual Assemblies have been held at Kakisa Lake where chiefs, elders, and delegates from the 10 Dehcho communities and Metis locals meet to discuss concerns, make decisions and celebrate their Dehcho traditions and culture. Last year’s annual Assembly was in Fort Simpson but returns this year to Kakisa Lake.

Important issues are expected to on the agenda and include the Nahanni Park expansion proposals, an interim Land Use Plan report, discussion of the Dehcho Process of negotiations and future directions and election of a Grand Chief. There will also be a strong emphasis on Dehcho culture and spirituality throughout.

For further information please contact:

Chief Lloyd Chicot,

Ka’a’gee First Nation,

Tel: (867) 825-2000

Fax: (867) 825-2002

Interim Grand Chief Gerald Antoine,

Dehcho First Nations,

Tel.: (867) 695-2355

Fax: (867) 695-2038