NWT Cumulative Impacts and Monitoring Program

The Northwest Territories Cumulative Impact Monitoring Program (NWT CIMP) is a source of environmental monitoring and research in the NWT coordinated through the Department of Environment & Natural Resources. The program coordinates, conducts and funds the collection, analysis and reporting of information related to environmental conditions in the NWT. The program  main purpose is to support better resource management decision-making and the wise use of our resources by furthering our understanding of cumulative impacts and environmental trends.

The NWT CIMP Steering Committee provides guidance to the program and engagement of Aboriginal governments in the design and function of NWT CIMP is considered a requirement of the Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act.

The Steering Committee comprises of representatives from each of the Aboriginal regions in the NWT, federal & territorial representatives (Parks Canada, ENR, Environment Canada, DFO), the regulatory boards (MVEIRB, MVLWB), and CAPP. DFN maintains observer on the CIMP Steering Committee.

The DFN representative on the CIMP Steering Committee is:

Dahti Tsetso

Resource Management Coordinator

Dahti_Tsetso@dehcho.org / 867-695-2355
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