Goal 1

Public government for the Dehcho region based on Dene principles and traditions-this government must also protect and promote Treaty and Aboriginal rights.

Short Term Objectives:
  • Continue to negotiate the Dehcho Process based on the Framework and Interim Measures Agreement
  • Prepare for Phase II Negotiations
  • DFN staff, the Executive Committee, the Elders Council and the Leadership review this Interim Report on the Strategic Planning Workshop
  • Conduct an organizational and operational review of the Dehcho First Nations-make preliminary recommendations to the January Leadership meeting regarding the role of staff, the Executive Committee and Elders Council
  • Form a working group to begin the process of reviewing and developing regional and community government structures
  • Identify and access more resources to address regional and community governance issues, including resources presently held by territorial organizations
  • Develop and begin to implement a communications strategy for the Dehcho region
Long Term Objectives:
  • Promote awareness about and seek public support for the Dehcho Process
  • Review models of public and Aboriginal governments to determine models for the Dehcho
  • Develop, in consultation with all communities, a governance structure for the Dehcho region that balances community and regional government while respecting Treaty and Aboriginal rights

Goal 2

Protection of the Dehcho land base so that the land remains healthy and capable of supporting traditional land use activities.

Short Term Objectives:

Continue to negotiate the Interim Measures Agreement based on the current conditions regarding impact/benefit agreements, land protection, revenue sharing, Commissioner’s Land, and tourism licensing-get approval from Leadership for any changes to these conditions
Make a public statement regarding opposition to new developments unless Interim Measures Agreement are met
Identify and implement methods of resolving conflicts and disputes over traditional land use and land management issues, such as the Cameron Hills situation
Appoint a Dehcho Representative to the Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board
– Finalize the IRMP land use mapping by summer 2001
– Support Fort Liard in its negotiations with the B.C. Treaty Commission

Long Term Objectives:

Hire and train technical people to deal with ongoing land and resource management issues
Use Dene name for all rivers, lakes, and other important geographic features within the Dehcho
Encourage and support programs and activities that encourage youth to learn the Dene language and traditions from their families and elders

Goal 3

Sustainable economic development that balances regional and community interests

Short Term Objectives:

Review the Dehcho Means Business conference results
Establish an Economic Development Working Group to assess, promote, and support regional and community development-clarify the potential relationship between regional and community corporations
Provide training to communities regarding joint venturing, impact/benefit agreements, resource royalties, financial management, preparing economic development plans, establishing businesses, marketing, etc.