Language & Literacy

Aboriginal Language Revitalization

The Dehcho First Nations had assumed responsibility for Aboriginal Languages Revitalization with the GNWTs new initiative of 3 year funding in April 2015. The approach with the GNWT Education, Culture and Employment had moved additional funding to the Regional Office. The funding was provided for the development and implementation of language revitalization, maintenance and enhancement activities by the First Nations Communities.

The funding is required to allow Education, Culture and Employment (ECE) to achieve its goals and priorities established in Building Our Success: Strategic Plan 2005-2015, A Skilled Productive Work Environment through support for and promotion of our official languages.

The funding is provided to achieve goals and objectives established in Building Our Success: Strategic Plan 2005-2015, A Skilled Productive Work Environment.

With the additional funding, the Dehcho First Nations administration holds the contribution agreement and funds ten First Nations communities to run their language programs, literacy programs, Language Nest/Aboriginal Head Start/Day Cares.

Community Language Program

The community allocations for the Language Program is determined by a formula (population percentage) per community of the 1996 census provided by GNWT.

The purpose of this funding is to assist in the preserving and revitalization of the Dene language in the Dehcho Region through various programs and activities.

The First Nation’s 10 Communities are responsible to carry out programs and activities as outlined in their submitted proposals. The communities are as follows;

  • Acho Dene Koe First Nation
  •  Deh Gáh Got’iê First Nation
  • Jean Marie River First Nation
  • Katl’odeeche First Nation
  • Ka’a’gee Tu First Nation
  •  Åíídlîî Køç First Nation
  • Nahanni Butte Dene Band
  • Pehdzeh Ki First Nation
  • Sambaa K’e First Nation
  • West Point First Nation

Mentor-Apprentice Program Notice_Oct. 2018

Master-Apprentice Program 2020-2021

Literacy Programs

The purpose of this funding is to assist the Communities in promoting, enhancing and revitalizing the Dene Zhatie in the Dehcho Region.

The community allocations are determined on a “first come, first serve” basis as there is a small funding set aside for this program.