Immediate Opportunities Fund

The purpose of the Immediate Opportunities Fund

To foster development of economic capabilities among Members of the Dehcho First Nations through investments or other forms of assistance to community or individual-owned enterprises and ventures, with profits as the primary motive, which will provide employment, training or business experience to Members, with an emphasis on building occupational and management skills.

The Trustee will create a Business Venture Account within the Immediate Opportunities Fund, which will be available for investment in Business Venture Investments, which will be funded from:

  1. An amount equal to the annual Net Income of the Immediate Opportunities Fund (not including income from any interest in a Business Venture Investment owned by the Trust and allocated to the Immediate Opportunities fun) and;
  2. An amount equal to net annual capital gains that are instructed to be transferred to the Business Venture Account by the Investment Management Board.

Please see Schedule 1 – Business Venture Investment Policy

Immediate Opportunities Fund Documents