Within one hundred twenty (120) days of the end of each Fiscal Year (December 31st), the Trustee shall prepare and submit to the Leadership and the Investment Management Board an annual report (see Trustee Reports on website) and have prepared and submitted to the Leadership an audited financial statement of the Trust (annual if required by the Leadership, but at least every three years) for the purposes of informing the Leadership and the Investment Management  Board about the status and expenditures from the Trust and whether the operation of the Trust is in compliance with the Trust.  The Trustee shall certify whether all expenditures from the Trust were appropriately documented and authorized in compliance with the requirements of the Trust.

A copy of the Trustee’s report and the audited financial statements of the Trust shall be available for reviewing by Members at the head office of the Dehcho First Nations and at such other places as may be directed by the Leadership.

At the request of the Leadership, the Trustee, members of the Investment Management Board and the Investment Advisors will participate in community information sessions as may be called by the Leadership from time to time to review the annual report or other activities of the Trustee.